Luke’s Lobster FiDi – Fantastic Lobster Rolls in New York City

It was a cold morning in New York City and we were on our way to Luke’s Lobster FiDi. This is a famous seafood shack that serves simple but delicious fresh seafood. It has branches across eight states in USA.

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Marine Friendly Food Joint Serving the Freshest Seafood

After going through Luke’s Lobster website, I was very much impressed by their responsible business ethos. This is reflected in two of their practices: Traceability and Sustainability.


Luke’s Lobster is able to serve the freshest and best quality seafood because they are able to trace the food back to the very harbor where the seafood was caught. They are able to do so because their seafood is supplied by Cape Seafood, a sister company that processes the seafood at the dock straightaway after the lobsters are caught.


I was also impressed to learn about Luke’s Lobster’s sustainable seafood practices. These actions help to protect the marine ecosystem and livelihoods of future generations of fishermen. For example, undersized lobsters are released so they can have the chance to mature and reproduce. Oversized lobster are thrown back too because of their ability to produce much more eggs than smaller lobsters. It is also not permissible to catch pregnant lobsters, and fishermen are limited to a maximum number of lobster traps per fisherman. As a result of these efforts, lobster landings in Maine have increased three times over the last two decades!

Cozy Seafood Joint in NYC Financial District

Luke’s Lobster FiDi (short for financial district) is located in the “Stone Street Historic District”, an area in Manhattan famous for its vintage brick buildings and old-world charm. The joint is a small space lined with wooden tables and furnishings – nothing fancy, but cozy and comfortable.

Lobster Roll ($17)

My expectations were high for Luke’s Lobster Roll ($17*), which had garnered tons of good reviews online. The roll consisted of claw and knuckle meat covered with glistening melted butter and a sprinkle of Luke’s Lobster’s “special seasoning”. The tantalizing lobster meat was served in a hot toasted buttered bun. I eagerly took a bite – and it tasted amazing! The lobster meat was wonderfully tender and juicy, and it went perfectly with the savoury melted butter. Together with the soft buttered bun, this was an awesome gustatory experience.

*when we went in 2015, the lobster roll was $16. But I wouldn’t mind paying the extra dollar since the lobster roll is so darn delicious.

Crab Roll ($13)

Like the Lobster Roll, the Crab Roll ($13) consisted of sweet crab meat covered with melted butter and a shake of special seasoning, served in a griddled buttered bun. This was definitely an enjoyable treat too. The crab meat with melted butter tasted awesome and went nicely with the soft bun. If I had to choose between the two rolls I would have to pick the Lobster Roll, but the Crab Roll is definitely an awesome choice if you want variety.

Luke’s Lobster FiDi Menu


The rolls at Luke’s Lobster FiDi definitely met our expectations – the succulent meat with melted butter and “special seasoning” was amazingly delicious! We left the seafood shack as two satisfied customers rubbing our round tummies. It also feels good to eat at a joint that seeks to protect the marine ecosystem while also providing the freshest seafood. Be sure to arrive early (or go during non-peak hours) because Luke’s Lobster is known for its long queues. After the satisfying meal, we went to explore the pretty stone street district and surrounding Wall Street landmarks.

Directions: Luke’s Lobster FiDi is a four-minute walk from Bowling Green Station.

Awesome Video of Luke’s Lobster FiDi!

Luke’s Lobster FiDi
Address: 26 S. William St, near Broad, New York, NY 10004
Phone: +1 212 747 1700
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri: 11am to 9pm | Sat & Sun: 12pm to 8pm |
Luke’s Lobster Menu: Click here to see the menu

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