The Private Room – Singapore Airlines’ Elite Lounge for First Class Passengers

I stared blankly at the gold-colored pass in my hand. This was literally the golden ticket that would grant me access to The Private Room, Singapore Airlines’ elite lounge for its Suites and First Class passengers. I had anticipated this moment for so long, but now that it was really happening, I wasn’t quite sure what to feel. And so I turned to Raevian with a sheepish smile and said: “The ticket looks very atas hor.”

She rolled her eyes.

What is “The Private Room”?

The Private Room is a luxurious lounge reserved exclusively for passengers flying on SQ Suites or First Class. It is one of the top airline lounges in the world, and needless to say we were really excited to visit it. There is also a lower tier “First Class Lounge”, which is for people with Solitaire PPS Club frequent flyer status or those traveling First Class on Star Alliance partner airlines. We were able to access The Private Room because we were flying SQ Suites Class from Singapore to New York City. This was our delayed honeymoon trip after our wedding a few months ago.

First Class Check-in Reception Lounge

Before going to The Private Room, we were able to check in at a reception lounge reserved exclusively for First Class passengers. First impression here wasn’t the best. When we first entered the lounge, none of the SQ staff attended to us and we stood around feeling lost for a short while. We were eventually escorted to a check in counter, which strangely only had one seat, and so I had to stand throughout the check in process (ok I know, first world problem). The SQ staff helping with our check-in was friendly, but didn’t exhibit the level of exemplary service that we would later experience in The Private Room. And for some reason, we were not offered warm towels but the passenger at the other counter was.

However, the lounge did somewhat redeem itself later. While we were taking photos, the SQ staff in the lounge were quite friendly and offered to help us with the photos. Once we were done, an observant SQ manager quickly helped us with our hand-carry luggage and escorted us to the exit.

The Golden Ticket

We were given two passes for The Private Room, with our names written on them. It felt surreal to finally hold these “golden tickets” in my hand, after having anticipated this day for so long. I took extra care to keep the tickets properly and not accidentally fold the edges or something. I could totally understand now how Charlie felt when he was holding his golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory.

Walking to The Private Room

Reaching soon!

Being greeted by one of many friendly SQ staff

We went through immigration via a private First Class entrance, which was pretty cool, but nothing too impressive – it just seemed like a separate entrance from the usual one.

After going through immigration, we proceeded directly to the SilverKris lounge, which is where The Private Room is located.

At the SilverKris lounge entrance, we were greeted by a friendly SQ manager who impressed us with his awesome hospitality. After scanning our boarding passes, he smiled at us warmly and said, “Please kindly let me escort you to The Private Room. By the way, please feel free to take as many pictures as you want!”

Not wanting to disappoint him, we took loads of pictures and video footage along the way.

And so we walked through the reception area, passed by the Business Lounge, went through the First Class Lounge, before finally reaching The Private Room – it felt like we were making our way up the rungs of airline royalty, going right to the very top.

The Private Room: Classy Ambience with Awesome View

The Private Room CounterTarmac ViewThe friendly SQ manager led us directly into The Private Room, before politely making his way out. And so here we were, standing in one of the top airline lounges in the world. The Private Room exudes a stately charm with its classy furnishings and brown leather chairs, complete with a luxurious carpeted floor. The window offers a great view of the airplane tarmac, which you can enjoy while sitting on one of the many chairs by the window.

Dining in The Private Room

Dining AreaCapellini with Wild Mushroom Ragout and Truffle Oil

Poached Lobster Provencale

Duck Leg Confit

Assorted Satay

Triple Caramel Chunk

The Private Room BuffetThe highlight of our Private Room experience was eating in the exclusive dining area. The service here was immaculate, with attentive staff constantly around to meet our needs. At first, I couldn’t figure out why the staff kept walking around and looking at us. Was it because I looked particularly dashing today in my black blazer? I quickly realized that it was because they were busy observing if we needed any service. On the whole, this was the best service I had ever experienced in a restaurant.

And of course, the food was awesome! The menu offers a variety of food from different cuisines, as well as desserts, alcohol and other beverages. There is even a vegetarian menu. You can refer to the entire menu at the bottom of this article. Our favourites included the Poached Lobster Provencale and Duck Leg Confit. The Assorted Satay was very satisfying too. For dessert, I went with the sinfully sweet Triple Caramel Chunk. Finally, I washed down all the delicious food with a nice glass of ice cold champagne.

Less impressive was the buffet section, which had a very limited selection of food. You can help yourself to the TWG tea if you wish, though the easier option would be just to order from the SQ staff. However, the underwhelming buffet did not affect our spirits because the a la carte menu was simply excellent.

Great Service and Amenities

TelevisionPrivacy RoomPrivacy Room

We enjoyed great service outside the dining area as well. While sitting by the window, I could see that the attentive staff were constantly making their rounds to see if we needed any service. I had no problems getting water or alcohol at all.

And we loved that every single chair had a charging port and powerpoint for our electronic devices. We enjoyed sitting on the leather chairs by the window with a glass of champagne in hand, enjoying the tarmac view while using our handphones.

There are even small privacy rooms within The Private Room. These cozy spaces are great for working or resting alone, and are equipped with powerpoints and charging ports.

Family Room

Parents will be happy to know that there is a spacious Family Room for your first class diaper changing experience. It has a basin, a baby changing top, and is lined with leather and plastic chairs (for children). This is the perfect place for a small family to relax and take care of their young children without disturbing the peace of other passengers.

Classy Bathroom

ToiletToiletriesBecause there were still some time before our flight (we had checked in five hours earlier to enjoy the lounge hehe), I decided to take a bath to freshen up.

The spacious bathroom was elegantly designed and well-equipped with premium toiletries from Tuscan Soul and Miller Harris. It had two areas. The dry area had a vanity top with mirror, toiletries and a hairdryer. It even had a small bench and shelf to put my clothes and shoes. The bathing area was very spacious and kitted with a luxurious rain shower. After my bath, we went for a second round of food at the dining area (yes we are gluttons).


Finally, it was time to leave the lounge to catch our flight. With a heavy heart, I reluctantly bid farewell to The Private Room. However, I cheered up pretty quickly because I was about to check out the A380 Singapore Airlines Suites Class experience – and that wasn’t too shabby either.

Awesome Video of The Private Room!

This is a short video highlighting our wonderful visit to The Private Room. If you want a more in-depth experience of this exclusive lounge, watch this video!

The Private Room Dining Menu

BreakfastLunchLunch 2VegetarianDessertDrinks

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