BCD Tofu House NYC – Awesome Korean Restaurant in Manhattan, New York City

It was a cold night in New York City, and we were on our way to BCD Tofu House. This is a popular Korean restaurant located in the vibrant Korea Town of Manhattan.

History of BCD Tofu House

The restaurant is so named because “BCD” stands for Bukchang Dong, a city in South Korea. The owner of BCD Tofu House, Mrs Lee Hee Sook, worked at a restaurant owned by her mother-in-law in Bukchang Dong. After migrating to USA, Mrs Lee decided to start her own Korean food business. She opened the first BCD restaurant in Los Angeles in 1996, and has expanded to 13 branches in America today.

Decent Ambience and Service

We stepped into BCD Tofu House and were ushered to a table towards the back. The restaurant has a simple Korean-style design and is very spacious. Service was quite fast despite the restaurant being pretty packed.

Sumptuous Side Dishes

BCD offers the standard array of side dishes, which were fresh and delicious. In addition, the restaurant also serves the signature fried yellow croaker fish. The fish had a crispy and savoury skin along with tender white meat underneath. This was a nice treat.

Oh Jing Uh Bok Eum (Spicy Squid)

Oh Jing Uh Bok Eum ($19.99) is basically squid served with spicy sauce and tofu on a hot plate. The squid was succulent and very satisfying to eat with the spicy sauce. The tofu served as a nice compliment.

LA Gochujang Samgyupsal (Spicy Pork Belly)

Being in a Korean restaurant, we had to order our favourite pork belly. We went with the LA Gochujang Samgyupsal ($22.99), which is pork belly marinated with red pepper paste. The pork belly tasted very flavourful with the savoury pepper paste, though we found it to be a little tough.

Pork Soondubu (Spicy Tofu Stew with Pork)

Last but definitely not least, we ordered Pork Soondubu ($13.99), the restaurant’s signature dish. “Soon” means soft, while “Dubu” is Korean tofu. Therefore, “Pork Soondubu” means spicy tofu stew with pork. This gutsy dish is prepared with pork belly, tofu, kimchi, and other vegetables in a tantalizing hot bowl of stew. The stew tasted very rich and savoury, and it was nice to eat the chewy bits of pork inside. We added in a raw egg to cook and it tasted even more awesome. This was the perfect dish for the cold winter night!


We had a pleasant meal here, though we felt the pork belly could have been more succulent. Service was decent, but price was towards the high end. The restaurant is open 24 hours, so you can come here after a late night of partying. On the whole, BCD Tofu House is definitely a good place in New York City to enjoy decent Korean food.

Awesome Video of BCD Tofu House!

BCD Tofu House NYC
Address: 5 W 32nd St New York, New York (Korea Town)
Phone: +1 212 967 1900
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/manhattanbcd
Website: http://bcdtofu.com

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