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As you might be aware, Evan and I recently went on our two week honeymoon to USA and Canada. This time round, we decided to use the iVideo Pocket Wifi to stay connected. Whenever we travel, we simply need to stay connected to the Internet. Due to the nature of our jobs, we need internet connectivity to check important emails on the go. We also need to inform family members of our whereabouts, and update our adventures on social media anytime, anywhere. The pocket wifi turned out to be more convenient and reliable than what we had expected! Here’s our review of this device.

This is an advertorial post for iVideo. We received a discounted price for the device. However, all opinions in the article are mine.

iVideo Pocket Wifi

What is iVideo?

iVideo is a Taiwanese company that specializes in providing rental of wifi devices in many destinations across the world.

What is the iVideo Pocket Wifi?

The iVideo Pocket Wifi is a portable wifi device that can connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the internet. It is a super small and light device that fitted nicely in my handbag or Evan’s jeans pocket.

There is no installation or setup required at all; once we received the pocket wifi, we were able to use it immediately. It works like a wifi hotspot, so all we needed to do was connect to the pocket wifi network by entering the password pasted behind the device. The device provides 4G connectivity and can connect up to ten devices.

Unlimited Wifi for Both USA and Canada

iVideo USA and Canada Pocket WifiStaying connected in Times Square NYC

We decided to rent our pocket wifi from iVideo because it has a pocket wifi that provides unlimited 4G wifi for both USA and Canada. It is called the USA+Mexico+Canada T-Mobile 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Unlimited Data. This was wonderful for us because it meant that we didn’t need to rent separate devices for each country. This helped us to avoid logistical issues and save money too.

Convenient Pickup and Return

prepaid envelopeiVideo provides a fuss free method of picking up and returning the USA pocket wifi. What better way to start our vacation than to have the wifi device sent directly to our hotel? This was great because we didn’t have to go through the hassle of physically picking up the device before leaving Singapore. For USA, iVideo delivers the device one day before the rental start date, meaning that we would definitely have the device on our day of arrival. We couldn’t be more pleased to find out that our iVideo pocket wifi had arrived upon checking in to our hotel.

The compact package included everything that we needed: the pocket wifi device (already fully charged), USB charging cord and a power adapter.

As for returning the device, it was really convenient too. On our last day in New York City, we just needed to put everything back into the iVideo bag, seal it inside the prepaid envelope provided, and drop it into one of the many postboxes along the streets.

Affordable Price

Charging Cable and AdaptorThe USA iVideo pocket wifi is really affordable at just $4.78 USD per day. The shipping fee is $9 USD if you book five business days in advance or earlier. This was a very good deal considering that we got unlimited 4G data throughout the trip for all our devices (phones and laptops).

This low cost unlimited data was literally a lifesaver for us. We could turn on the pocket wifi constantly and stay connected throughout the day. This allowed us to regularly check the Internet for directions, and avoid accidentally wandering into seedy neighborhoods. This was especially crucial when we were traveling at night in cities.

We also loved that we could stay connected to our families through Whatsapp and Facetime calls without fearing about using up data.

Reliable Device

The iVideo pocket wifi provided extremely reliable Internet connectivity during our trip. We went to cities, parks and suburbs and did not have any issues with connectivity at all.

Battery-life wise, there was no problem at all. We switched on the device constantly for about 9 to 12 hours a day and the battery was still more than half-full at the end of the day. This was impressive since the weather was quite cold (8 to 12 degree Celsius) and batteries are known to drain faster in lower temperatures. We charged it at night and the battery would be full again by morning. I believe the battery can last two full days on a full charge.

Comparison with Other Portable WiFi Options

For comparison sake, Changi Recommends (a Singapore Changi Airport affiliate) also provides rental of pocket wifi devices. This is only applicable for Singaporeans. However, the USA wifi device rental price is almost twice as expensive as iVideo. It is also not as convenient since you have to physically pick up and return the device at the counter in Changi Airport.

There are other pocket wifi companies that provide rental of wifi devices too, but from what we see iVideo has the best prices. Do let us know in the comments below if you come across cheaper alternatives.

Lastly, we feel that the iVideo pocket wifi is better than a Sim Card. Firstly, it is cheaper. Based on the telcom retail stores we saw in USA, even the cheapest sim card cost about $40 for 3GB of data. And it could only be used on one smartphone. If Evan and I were to buy one sim card each, the total cost would be very high. And if we were to just use one phone as a hotspot device, it would drain the phone’s battery very quickly. Secondly, our USA iVideo pocket wifi provides unlimited data, while a sim card has limited data. And using a sim card would require us to use our phone as a wifi hotspot for our laptops – I’m not sure if 3GB of data would be sufficient for so many devices.

How to rent iVideo Pocket Wifi

1. First, create an account at the iVideo website.

2A. Select your preferred destination and device

2B. We selected the below USA+Mexico+Canada device, which costs just $4.78 per day. It is currently having an additional discount of $6. Click here to claim the discount.

You need to use both Coupon A and Coupon B to get the discount of $6.

3. Enter your hotel address. This will be the delivery address for the pocket wifi.

4. Select your rental duration

5. Check that details are correct, and make payment

6. You will receive an email confirmation after making payment.

7. The package will be delivered one day before your rental start date. Now you’re ready to conquer the world!


When we first heard of iVideo, we were a little skeptical because we had never heard of this Taiwanese company before. However, from the moment we received our pocket wifi device, it exceeded our expectations in every way. Our life was so much easier with unlimited 4G wifi throughout the day. iVideo definitely made our holiday in USA and Canada a lot more enjoyable.

Awesome Video of iVideo

Email: ivideo.en@gmail.com
Website: http://en.ivideo.com.tw
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iVideoWiFi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivideowifi

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