Yo9ood – Delicious Frozen Yogurt at Food Garden (Asia Square)!

Yogurt fans in CBD rejoice! Yo9ood has officially opened at Food Garden in Asia Square, selling delicious frozen yogurt with a variety of fresh fruits and toppings.

The shop takes over the original space occupied by Red Mango, another popular yogurt franchise.

Froyo Parfait

I ordered the Froyo Parfait ($5.80) both times I visited, because it tasted so good! It consists of frozen yogurt layered with two toppings and one fresh fruit of your choice.

Incidentally, Parfait originates from the French word for “perfect”, and I was eager to find out if the yogurt would really live up to its name.

During my first visit to the shop, I chose the Strawberry and Plain flavours for my yogurt base. For my toppings, I went with Walnuts and Mixed Seeds, and for the fruit I chose Longan. The Froyo Parfait had me hooked from the first mouthful. The toppings and fruits were really fresh and went perfectly with the frozen yogurt. The yogurt itself had a delicate sweetness which romanced my taste buds and left me wanting more! On my second visit, I chose Mango as one of the toppings instead. The tangy flavour of mango provided a good balance to the sweet taste of the yogurt.

On the whole, the Froyo Parfait provided a sweet sensory experience and served as the perfect after-meal treat for me.

Awesome Service!

One other reason I like buying yogurt from Yo9ood is because of the great service. On both occasions when I visited, the staff was very helpful and enthusiastically recommended me their most popular toppings and yogurt flavours. And I noticed they always smiled while serving customers. Kudos to great service!

Opening Promotion!

For a limited time only, enjoy 50% off your second yogurt! You just need to follow Yo9ood on its Instagram page.


Yogurt shops in the CBD area are rare, but luckily I now have Yo9ood to satisfy my yogurt craving. With its delicious frozen yogurt, fresh toppings and awesome service, I can see Yo9ood becoming a frequent haunt by office workers working in the area.

Address: Asia Square Tower 2, Food Garden #02-14 (2 Marina View 018961)
Email: yo9ood@gmail.com

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