KOI PLUS at Plaza Singapura – Classy Cafe serving Premium Taiwanese Tea

KOI PLUS has officially opened at Plaza Singapura! However, even though it is under the same parent company, this is not the usual KOI shop that sells bubble tea. Instead, it is a upscale cafe that serves premium Oolong, Green and Red tea (also known as “black tea” in the West) brewed in exquisite tea infusers.

We chanced upon KOI PLUS while going to buy bubble tea at the usual KOI shop beside. We decided to give it a try as the concept seemed pretty interesting.

KOI PLUS Singapore

Classy Interior Design and Good Service

KOI PLUS exudes a classy vibe with its marble table tops and exquisite furnishings, complete with a gold-plated block emblazoned with the shop name. Service by the staff (mainly Taiwanese) was great. They explained to us each of the tea type patiently and were very polite too.

Four Types of Tea

KOI PLUS offers four types of premium tea. Thanks to the helpful staff, we managed to get a very basic understanding of the respective tea characteristics:

Oriental Beauty Tea 东方美人 ($19) – This tea is produced in Hsinchu County and is one of the most famous oolong teas in Taiwan. It is rich, fragrant and refreshing.

Kong Fu Cured Tea 梨山功夫碳培 ($16) – This oolong tea is grown on Li Shan mountain, which is about 2000m tall. As a result of the high altitude, the tea has a lighter body than the Oriental Beauty Tea and has a delicate flowery flavour.

Ruby Assam Black Tea 红玉 ($18) – This red tea is produced in Nantou County in the Sun Moon Lake area. It has a strong fragrance that is almost reminiscent of brandy.

Sea Fog Tea 海雾茶 ($15) – This green tea is grown on mountains with high altitudes of 1000m and above. Therefore, it has a light body along with a delicate balance of bitter and sweet flavours. However, it still tastes richer than oolong teas in general.

Kong Fu Cured Tea – A Light Tea with Sweet Aroma

We were visiting the cafe after a heavy meal, therefore we decided to go with the Kong Fu Cured Tea ($16) as it has the lightest flavour among the four types of tea.

After the tea was brewed in one of the exquisite tea infusers, it was served to us in a pretty teacup and saucer. I took a few sips and really enjoyed the sweet citrus flavour of the tea. It had a very light body along with a smooth texture that felt really good on my palate. This is definitely an awesome tea to help with post-meal digestions. We finished the first pot really quickly but luckily we were entitled to two free rebrewings.

Waffles With Ice Cream – Satisfying Comfort Food

We also ordered the Ice Cream Waffle ($15) which consisted of four slices of waffles and two scoops of ice cream. The waffles were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Along with the sinfully sweet ice cream, this was definitely a satisfying comfort food. To celebrate the cafe’s opening, this dessert is now going for just $10!


We enjoyed our visit to KOI PLUS very much. It offers refreshing tea, delicious waffles, great service and a pleasant ambience. Instead of just indulging in bubble tea next time, you might want to check out this cafe which is just beside the bubble tea counter.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd Plaza Singapura #01-68, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 8pm
Phone Number: +65 62380365
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KOIPLUSSG

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