When is the Best Time to Visit Seoul?

In general, Spring and Autumn are considered the best seasons to visit Seoul, with beautiful scenery, mild weather, and affordable travel costs. Here’s a brief description of the four seasons in Seoul.

Spring: Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

Yeouido Hangang Park
Cherry Blossoms Close-up ShotWe visited Seoul in spring and found that this was indeed a great season to travel. We went to Yeouido Hangang Park which is famous for its rows of cherry blossoms trees lining Yunjunro Road. Check out our review of Yeouido Hangang Park. The cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom anywhere between early to mid April, so it is important to check the exact dates to avoid the disappointment of missing out on these gorgeous flowers. You can click here to find out the dates.

Temperatures range from between 10 degree Celsius in March to 20 degree Celsius in May. On the whole, the weather is quite comfortable. However, based on our experience, it can get slightly warm in the afternoon before becoming pretty cold at night, so you might want to be prepared for such fluctuations in temperature. We experienced good sunny weather throughout our stay in Seoul, except for one or two days when it rained in the evening.


I wouldn’t recommend visiting in summer as tourist volume tends to spike during this period, and consequently travel costs are higher too.

The weather is very hot and humid. Temperatures range from between 26 degree Celsius in June to 30 degree Celsius in August. Precipitation is at its highest during this period, so prepare yourself for rainy days. In fact, half of the country’s annual rain volume falls in July and August!

Autumn: Awesome Scenery

Other than spring, autumn is a great time to visit Seoul too. There are lots of colorful festivals during this period, amidst the beautiful autumn foliage. Prices are also more affordable compared to summer.

The weather turns mild again, with temperatures ranging from between 25 degree Celsius in September to 11 degree Celsius in November.

Similar to Spring, precipitation is very low during this period so there will not be much rain.


If you’re into snowy scenery and winter activities, this is the season to visit. Even though it can get pretty cold, there are lots of winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing. Expect to see many winter festivals too.

Temperatures are around 4 degree Celsius in December and can go to as low as 1 degree Celsius in January, before going back to 4 degree Celsius in February. Therefore, make sure you pack adequate winter clothing!

It’s winter, so there will definitely be lots of snowfall!

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