Xin Yuan Ji @ Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis) – Delicious Fish Soup!

Everyone loves a good bowl of delicious Fish Soup. And so when we saw the long queue at Xin Yuan Ji (新源记) along Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis), we knew we had to check out the restaurant’s famous fish soup. Other than Fish Soup, Xin Yuan Ji is also known for its signature Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat and Fish Head Mee Hoon.

Xin Yuan Ji Tan Quee Lan StXin Yuan Ji Bugis Sliced Fish Soup

No-Frills Restaurant with Decent Ambience

Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup BugisXin Yuan Ji is a no-frills restaurant manned by mainland Chinese staff. Ventilation is good so the place doesn’t smell “fishy”, and the interior is kept cool by multiple fans and air-conditioners.

Acceptable Service

On the whole, Xin Yuan Ji’s service was acceptable. Our food didn’t take too long to arrive, and there were enough staff to attend to our needs. However, most of the staff were nonchalant and unsmiling. But hey, that’s not important as long as the fish soup is satisfying.

Sliced Fish & Fried Fish Soup

Xin Yuan Ji Bugis Fried Fish SoupAnd yes, Xin Yuan Ji’s fish soup was indeed satisfying! We ordered the Mixed Fish Soup ($9.50), which had a mix of both sliced fish and fried fish. The sliced fish meat was tender with a wonderfully smooth texture. The fried fish was fried just right, with the fried skin not too thick so that the delicious taste of the underlying fish meat was not compromised. The savoury soup base had the perfect texture, neither runny nor overly thick. We added milk which gave the soup a rich and luscious flavour. Overall, the impression is one of artful balance in flavour and texture.

Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken

Xin Yuan Ji Crispy Prawn Paste ChickenWhen Rae saw Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken ($18.80) on the Xin Yuan Ji menu, she immediately decided to order it. And boy, was that a good decision. The chicken wings were fried to perfection, with delicious crisp fried skin and succulent tender chicken meat. The prawn paste enhanced the taste of the chicken, giving it a wonderful aftertaste. We also ordered the vegetable Kang Kong ($10.80), which was a nice side dish to compliment our mains.

Long Queue!

If you plan on visiting Xin Yuan Ji, make sure you go early, or during non-peak hours. This is because there is almost always a long snaking queue outside the restaurant during peak dining hours!

Delicious but Pricey Food!

Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup and Crispy Prawn Paste ChickenWe are glad to have stumbled upon Xin Yuan Ji and its delicious Fish Soup. And we loved the scrumptious Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken too! All prices are inclusive of GST and there is no service charge. However, the food is rather pricey, with our bill coming up to $50 for just two persons. And the Fish Head Steamboat starts from $68.80. We are not sure if these are marked-up “CNY prices”. With that said, we will definitely still visit the restaurant again for its more affordable Sliced Fish and Fried Fish Soup!

Xin Yuan Ji (新源记) @ Bugis
Address: 31 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188117
Phone Number: +65 6334 4086
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 11.30pm
Directions: The restaurant is a very short walk from Bugis MRT Station. Click here to see the route.

Xin Yuan Ji (新源记) @ Hougang
Address: Blk 107 #01-00 Hougang Ave 1 S530107 ( off Lorong Ah Soo )
Phone Number: +65 6747 7713

Xin Yuan Ji Menu
Xin Yuan Ji MenuXin Yuan Ji Menu 2

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