Soi 33 Mookata @ Holland Village – Hidden Gem in the West!

Soi 33 Mookata and Steamboat is a new Mookata joint located at the hip enclave of Holland Village in Singapore. It offers delicious Thai-style BBQ and steamboat at a super affordable price point. The stall only just opened in September this year, and it is truly a hidden gem in the West!

Soi 33 Mookata Singapore

Wonderful “Chilled Out” Ambience!
Soi 33 Mookata SingaporeTo be honest, we had our doubts before visiting Soi 33 Mookata. The small stall is located in an obscure corner of Holland Village Food Court, and is easily missed by passers-by. We could not find any reviews of the stall online also. Nonetheless, we made reservations for dinner at 7.30pm on a Saturday night.

Once we arrived at Soi 33 Mookata and settled down at our table, I realized that this was a great place to dine. Holland Village Food Court is situated in the centre of Holland Village, so we were able to have our meal amidst the bustling sights and sounds of the area. There was a television in the food court and our table was situated right in front of it, so I was able to enjoy a great view of the night’s BPL match between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Excellent Service!
We were duly impressed by Soi 33 Mookata’s service. Our food came quickly, served by a polite lady. She even helped us to oil the grill evenly with pork lard. We have tried many other Mookatas joints and this was the first time the staff has helped us with that.

The staffs kept walking around (in a non-intrusive manner) to check on the customers. In fact, there wasn’t a single time that I had to ask for their attention to refill the soup base. As soon as we were about the finish the soup, a friendly staff would come over promptly with the kettle to top it up. Our empty plates were cleared quickly too.

Affordable, Fresh, and Delicious Ingredients!
Soi 33 Mookata SingaporeSoi 33 Mookata SingaporeSoi 33 Mookata Singapore Pork BellySoi 33 Mookata Singapore Fish SKinAnd now for the most important part, our review of the FOOD at Soi 33 Mookata! We ordered Set 1 ($20), which was a sumptuous set that consisted of prawns, sliced fish, sliced pork, sliced chicken, sliced beef, crabstick, sausage, toufu, meatball, Enoki mushrooms, and a large plate of vegetables! The set serves two.

Now wait a minute, $20 you say?

Yes you did not read it wrongly; it’s just $20 for two persons! The portions were not huge but since Raevian and I were not particularly hungry, the amount of food was just nice for us.

Soi 33 Mookata’s ala carte items, on the other hand, were relatively expensive. They range from $4-$10 per dish. We ordered Raevian’s favourite Fish Skin ($6), as well as a plate of Pork Belly ($8).

All the ingredients were fresh and did not taste stale at all. The chicken, fish, and pork only took a while to cook on the grill and they were tender, savoury and delicious!

For our soup base, we went with Tom Yam (soup bases are complimentary, other choices are “Mookata” and “Herbal Steamboat”). The Tom Yam soup base tasted soo good! It was spicy and feisty which we loved. After adding in the vegetables, prawns, sliced fish and mushrooms, the soup tasted even better after absorbing all the wonderful flavours!

Soi 33 Mookata: Affordable and Delicious Thai-style BBQ and Steamboat!Soi 33 Mookata SingaporeWe love discovering hidden gems, and we are definitely glad to have stumbled upon Soi 33 Mookata. Chilling out in Holland Village in the cool night air with my special other half, watching soccer with a beer in hand, while indulging in super affordable and delicious Mookata, is my idea of a perfect Saturday night!

With its great price point, convenient location (5-minute walk from Holland Village MRT Station), wonderful chilled-out ambience, delicious ingredients, and feisty Tom Yam soup base, Soi 33 Mookata is a great joint that you MUST NOT miss out on. Remember to call in advance to make reservations as there are limited tables!

Soi 33 Mookata and Steamboat
Address: 33 Lorong Liput, Holland Village Food Court
Phone Number: +65 64624623
Opening Hours: Daily 3pm to 1am

Soi 33 Mookata Singapore MenuSoi 33 Mookata Singapore Menu

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