KFit Hotel Jen Tanglin (Singapore) Review

Last weekend, our KFIT adventure brought us to the exclusive Health Club at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore.

The “Health Club” consists of the hotel’s gym, tropical-style swimming pool, sauna and luxurious indoor jacuzzi. The changing room provides good shower facilities and cool electronic lockers. With the KFit membership, you get access to ALL of these wonderful amenities!

Well-Equipped Gym
Hotel Jen Tanglin GymHotel Jen Tanglin GymHotel Jen Tanglin GymHotel Jen Tanglin GymHotel Jen Tanglin GymHotel Jen Tanglin GymThe gym is relatively well-equipped with various weights machines and free weights. There is also a row of treadmills that made cool “whirring” sounds while we were running on them. While running, we enjoyed a nice view of the hotel’s tropical-style pool through the floor-to-ceiling glass panels. On the downside, the compact gym does not have a free-weight squat / bench press machine. Instead, there is a smith machine for doing bench press. Personally, I do not like using the Smith machine for doing squats and bench pressing as the machine’s fixed movement pattern does not work out the stabilization muscles. This increases the risk of injury. However, there are many free weights available and I was able to perform my chest press routine using these.

Tropical-Style Pool with Fun Giant Floats!Hotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolHotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolAfter a tiring workout session at the gym, Evan and I had a wonderful time at the pool. There were just a few hotel guests at the pool area and we essentially had the whole pool to ourselves! Hotel Jen Tanglin provides free giant floats and we had so much fun relaxing and playing with them!

Luxurious Whirlpool JacuzziHotel Jen Tanglin JacuzziAfter frolicking in the pool for about an hour, we made our way to Hotel Jen Tanglin’s indoor whirlpool jacuzzi. It was quite the experience to soak in the luxurious jacuzzi. This was the perfect way to relax our muscles after all the physical exercise earlier.

Super Clean and Spacious Shower FacilitiesHotel Jen Tanglin Changing RoomHotel Jen Tanglin Changing RoomHotel Jen Tanglin SaunaHotel Jen TanglinFinally, we washed up in the super clean and spacious bathrooms. There are free towels and toiletries inside the changing room for your use. Hotel Jen Tanglin provides high-tech electronic lockers so you do not have to worry about wearing old rusty metal keys on your wrist. The changing room even has a private lounge area where you can relax on comfortable leather armchairs.

What a perfect end to the weekend πŸ™‚

If you are looking to relax in a classy and private environment on a lazy weekend, Hotel Jen Tanglin is definitely the ideal location for you.

Use Promo Code β€œEATWU” to Enjoy the Special Price of $69 for the First Month!Hotel Jen Tanglin Swimming PoolSign up to become a KFit member at https://access.kfit.com/signup now and enjoy access to Hotel Jen Tanglin’s Health Club as well as 500 other fitness centres in Singapore! Remember to use promo code EATWU to enjoy the special price of $69 for the first month. Subsequent months’ fee is $99. Promo is till 30th Nov 2015 only.

Still unsure? You can create an account with KFit first which automatically signs you up for the β€œBasic” plan. This plan is completely free, but you get one free KFit activity every single month! You can make use of this free session to visit Hotel Jen Tanglin’s Health Club and check out the facilities for yourself.

Check out our full KFit review at http://www.eatandtravelwithus.com/2015/10/kfit-singapore-review/

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