Llaollao @ 313 Somerset – Orchard Road (Singapore)

Llaollao is a yogurt shop franchise in Singapore that has been drawing long snaking queues at its outlets since its opening in 2012.

We visit the 313@Somerset branch on a Saturday afternoon at around 12.30pm. The queue is only about 15 people long.

llaollao 313 Somerset

llao llao 313 somerset

This is definitely a very short queue compared to the horror stories we had read online: at one point the queue was so long they had to hire a security queue to manage the crowd!

Therefore, we are elated that we can finally try this super-popular dessert. After queuing for a short ten minutes, we get our long-awaited llaollao yogurt treat.

We have ordered the Sanum ($6.50), which comprises of the llaollao frozen yogurt mixed with tantalizing toppings of fresh fruits, cereals, and a dessert sauce of your choice.

For our Sanum, we choose chocolate sauce, colourful cereals, blueberries, honeydews, and strawberries.

llaollao 313 somerset Singaporesanum ($6.50)

The colourful yogurt treat presents a pleasant surprise to our palates. Instead of the typical dessert which tends to overwhelm with its rich sweetness, the llaollao yogurt provides a fresh and refreshing tangy taste punctuated by the delicious sweet flavours of the various toppings.

We especially enjoy eating the yogurt with fruits – it’s hard to go wrong with the fruits + yogurt combination!

Now we understand why Llaollao is so popular with Singaporeans. We finish the wonderful yogurt treat within five minutes, feeling extremely satisfied.

llaollao Trivia
– Where does llaollao come from? The first llaollao shop opened in Spain in 2009. Singapore is the first Asia franchise.

– How to pronounce “llao-llao”? The name follows Spanish pronunciation rules, which means it should be pronounced as “yao-yao”.

llaollao Singapore
Address: 313 Somerset Orchard Road #B3-55, Singapore
Email: info@zfranchises.com
Website: http://www.llaollaoweb.com/sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/llaollaoSingapore

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