Baros Maldives – The Best Luxury Island Resort in Maldives!

Imagine waking up every day in an ocean villa to the sounds of the waves lapping against your resort. Step out onto your patio and you are greeted with heart-stopping views of the beautiful azure sea.

In the distance, the horizon glows with the first gentle rays of the morning sun.

This is Baros Maldives.

Baros Maldives is a luxury island resort in the Maldives. It is twenty minutes by speedboat from Male airport. We had a short vacation at this amazing resort recently. This is the review of our stay. πŸ™‚

Baros Maldives Travelogue

We bring Maldives to life for you – best watched in HD!

Before you read our review, check out our travelogue of this amazing island resort. Pictures capture moments, but our video travelogue brings these moments to life.

You will be blown away by the amazing footage we captured at this beach paradise! πŸ™‚

Baros MaldivesBaros Maldives Ocean VillasBaros Maldives PatioBaros Maldives SunriseBaros Maldives

Extraordinary Service of Baros Maldives

Baros Maldives Service

The service of Baros Maldives was exemplary right from the moment we arrived at the Male Airport.

We exited from the arrival hall feeling excited but a little lost in the modest airport. Luckily, we located the Baros Maldives booth and were quickly whisked off to our speedboat.

Baros Maldives Service

This was where our fuss-free vacation began.

The Baros Maldives staff helped with our luggage and handed us bottled waters and cold towels on the boat.

After a short ride, we arrived at the resort pier where an entire group of staff welcomed us warmly.

We felt like VIP guests.

Baros Maldives PierBaros Maldives Speedboat

We were led to the resort bar Sails where we were given cold towels and drinks to settle down. Raevian settled for a mocktail while I went with champagne.

Svenja, the friendly communications manager of Baros Maldives, chatted with us as we rested on the plush lounge chairs. I tried my best to stay engaged in the conversation between sips of free-flow champagne but before long, I found myself grinning for no apparent reason and feeling alcohol-happy.

Raevian had to stop me as I asked for another champagne refill.

Baros Maldives Sails Bar

Overall, the service provided from the airport to the resort was just perfect in every aspect. As far as first impressions goes, Baro Maldives definitely nails it!

We experienced exemplary service throughout our stay as well. The resort staffΒ  consistently anticipated our needs, met them, and surpassed them. Below are some examples of Baros Maldives’ first-rate service.

There were friendly staff everywhere on the island!

Everywhere we went, the staff greeted us warmly and made us feel right at home. We had learnt from Svenja that there are more staff than guests on the island, which explained the top-notch personalized service here.

There are cushy day-beds thoughtfully placed all round the island, each placed with fluffy bath towels in case you want to go for a dip in the ocean.

We also spent time chilling out on the cool hammocks.

Baros Maldives Lounge ChairsBaros Maldives Lounge chairBaros Maldives HammockBaros Maldives Hammocks

The Baro Maldives staff took a personal interest in our well-beings too.

We got sunburned pretty bad on our third day – the brilliant Maldivian sun is glorious but intense – and called the reception for some sunburn cream. Within minutes, the resort staff arrived at our door with the cream and some freshly-picked aloe vera, in case we preferred a more organic option.

The next day, while we were strolling around the island, the resort manager Shuhan spotted us and asked if the cream were helping with our burns. We were impressed that he knew about it. It seemed the resort staff all took a personal interest in our well-being and it made us feel really special!

Service-wise, Baros Maldives is probably the best resort we have ever been to!

Baros Maldives Beach

Baros Maldives Accommodation

Baros Maldives VillasBaros Maldives Water Villas

We stayed in the overwater villa, which was truly an amazing experience.

Perched above the water on sturdy stilts, the villas reflect traditional Maldivian heritage with their lofty thatched roofs and wooden walls. They are connected to the main island by an extended timber walkway. We entered the room and were impressed by the beautiful, comfy and spacious interior.

But nothing could compare with the view that we encountered as we stepped out onto the sundeck.

Baros Water Villa InteriorBaros Water Villa Interior 1Baros Water Villa PatioBaros Maldives Piano BarBaros Maldives Sea

The view was everything we had wished for, and more.

This amazing scenery was the reason why we came to Maldives. The vast Indian Ocean with its beautiful shades of blue stole our hearts from the moment we set eyes on it. The crystalline water was so clear that we could see right through it to the sandy seabeds.

And of course, we were thrilled to spot marine life swimming right beneath our resort.

During the course of our stay, we spotted stingrays, reef sharks, and a variety of other marine life making their rounds in the waters below. There was even a tiny coral reef right beneath our resort.

Baros Maldives SalaBaros Water Villa view 2

The patio has two comfortable loungers, a sala pavilion, and an amazing infinity pool.

I must have spent hours chilling in the pool or lazing on the sala with a glass of champagne in hand while admiring the breathtaking view.

There was also the all-important ladder leading into the ocean, which ensured we were never too far from going for a swim with the myriad of marine life here.

Baros Maldives Breakfast at Lime Restaurant

Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant InteriorWe had breakfast daily at Baros Maldives’ Lime Restaurant. It was a buffet style breakfast with action stations. There was the usual breakfast fare of eggs, cereals, and other staples.

We especially loved the delicious Maldivian cuisine, the fresh sashimi and most of all, the free-flow champagne.

And of course, we enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 14Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 7Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 2Β Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 12Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 9Baros Maldives Lime Restaurant 13

Baros Maldives In-Villa Champagne Breakfast

Baros Maldives Pool Water VillaEvery morning, we woke up to stunning views of the vast Indian Ocean with its crystalline waters right at our doorstep. There is no way to top this morning experience.. or is there?

Perhaps having an in-villa champagne breakfast would be the way!

On one morning, we relished the experience of having breakfast on our very own villa patio.
Baros Maldives Pool Water Villa In Villa BreakfastBaros Maldives Pool Water Villa In Villa Breakfast 2Baros Maldives Pool Water Villa In Villa Breakfast 4Baros Maldives Pool Water Villa In Villa Breakfast 6Baros Maldives Pool Water Villa In Villa Breakfast 5

We enjoyed a sumptuous spread of eggs, bacon, fruit juices and yogurt, all laid out elegantly on our table.

And of course, I had champagne too.

It was truly a surreal experience to enjoy a hearty breakfast while reveling in the amazing view of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Baros Maldives Dinner at The Lighthouse Restaurant

Baros Maldives The Lighthouse

One night, we had dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant.

This is Baros Maldives’ signature restaurant, and you can spot its iconic lighthouse structure from afar. This upscale restaurant offers high-end dining in an elegant setting.

Baros Maldives The Lighthouse InteriorBaros Maldives The Lighthouse 1

We loved the lobster bisque – it was a great dining experience !

The chef prepared the dish in front of us and we enjoyed the live culinary performance.

But more importantly, the lobster bisque tasted delicious. The luxurious smoothness of the soup was punctuated by the savoury lobster bits, and we finished every last drop.

We finished the rest of our fancy degustation course in the cool Maldivian air.

It felt great to dine in style over the ocean.

Baros Maldives Lobster Bisque 1Baros Maldives Lighthouse
Baros Maldives The Lighthouse - Lobster BisqueBaros Maldives The Lighthouse 3Baros Maldives The Lighthouse 2 Baros Maldives The Lighthouse - Yellowfin Tuna Baros Maldives The Lighthouse - Lobster MedallionsBaros Maldives The Lighthouse 4

Baros Maldives Sandbank dining – The Ultimate Dining Experience

Baros Maldives Sandbank dining

Sandbank dining was one of our best experiences in Maldives.

This was a quintessential combination of nature, luxury, and tranquility.

Team BarosBaros Maldives Sandbank 2Baros Maldives Sandbank Dining 2Baros Maldives Sandbank Dining 3

Our dining table was located alone on the island, with an umbrella strategically placed to shield us from the sun.

A Baros Maldives staff decked out casually in resort uniform and slacks served us the pre-ordered champagne breakfast .

Other than our dining table and a small serving station, there was nothing else on the island.

We had champagne, fresh yogurt and fruits, smoked salmon, chilled king prawns, and cold cuts while enjoying the 360-degree view of the surrounding ocean.

It was surreal.

Sandbank Dining Sunrise BreakfastSandbank Dining Sunrise Breakfast 8 Sandbank Dining Sunrise Breakfast 9Sandbank Dining Sunrise Breakfast 1Sandbank Dining Sunrise Breakfast 2

The staff was at attention constantly and we had a casual conversation about his hometown and the culture/ history of Maldives.

As I enjoyed my meal on the sandbank, I thought about how lucky I was – to be dining in perhaps the most beautiful natural setting on Earth, with the love of my life.

There was a flock of seabirds and Raevian playfully chased them to different spots on the sandbank.

It was beautiful.

All good things have to come to an end. After about two hours, we departed the sandbank reluctantly.

It was an experience we would never forget.

Baros Maldives Sandbank Dining 5Baros Maldives Sandbank SeabirdsSandbank Dining Sunrise Breakfast 4

Guided Snorkeling Tour of Baros Maldives House Reef

Baros Maldives Snorkeling

We highly recommend the guided snorkelling tour by Baros Maldives.Β 

Our guide, Shuga, was extremely professional and helpful. Raevian did not know how to swim but with Shuga’s help, she actually managed to snorkel with ease.

I was swimming in the water when I spotted an endless stream of blue fish swimming past. I felt like I was in a scene from “Finding Nemo”.

As we snorkeled, we were blown-away by Baros Maldives’ magnificent house reef. The colourful corals and amazing myriad of marine life made us feel like we were in a magical underwater world.

Baros Maldives House ReefBaros Maldives House Reef 3Baros Maldives House Reef 2Baros House Reef 4Baros Maldives House ReefBaros Maldives ReefAnd with Shuga’s help, we went to some amazing snorkeling spots in the reef.

We came across a ship wreck which had an eerie charm to it.

Baros Maldives Shipwreck
We managed to chase the harmless but coy reef sharks!

Baros Maldives Reef SharksWe are extremely grateful that we managed to get such a wonderful guide as Shuga.

She was professional, patient, approachable, and gave us an AMAZING snorkeling experience!

Baros Maldives Gym

Baros Maldives GymBaros Maldives Gym 1 The gym is well-equipped with modern fitness equipment, ice-cold bottled water, and clean towels.

Baros Maldives Spa

Baros SpaBaros Spa RoomBaros Spa Room 1

There is a spa on the island where you can get a relaxing massage after all the adrenaline-charged water activities. Or you can spend a romantic afternoon in a couple spa with your special other half.

Baros Maldives Infinity Pool

Baros Maldives Infinity PoolWe were lucky enough to be one of the first guests to enjoy Baro Maldives’ newly-built infinity pool. It felt surreal to swim in the pool and enjoy the stunning paranomic view of the limitless ocean at the same time.

Baros Maldives Business Center/ Library

Baros Maldives Business Center 1Baros Maldives Business CenterBaros Maldives Business Center 2

We were wandering around the island one day when we chanced upon the business center / library.

This is a quiet area which provides laptops (with free internet access), cushy lounge chairs, and books. There is even a coffee machine with free coffee shots.

This was the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon resting, reading, or catching up on some work.

Baros Maldives Island Hopping

Maldives Local IslandWe were lucky enough to get a private tour of a local Maldivian island, led by a native working in Baros Maldives resort. This was a great opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the Maldivian culture.

We were well taken care of on the boat.

There were three boat crew members. Rafhan served as our guide while the other two staff helped to operate the boat. Throughout the trip, we were served soft drinks and cold towels to ensure we stayed refreshed. After a short 20 minutes ride, we reached the rustic island.

This was definitely a very different sight from our resort island.

There was a laid-back town on the island along with a tidy sprawl of simple one-story houses. Some of the houses were pretty rundown. Rafhan explained to us that most of the people here lived in relative poverty, and their livelihoods depended mainly on tourism and fishing.

Maldives Local Island 1Maldives Local Island 2

We dropped by the local school, which prepares students for the Cambridge examinations. The youngest level is age seven.

The students were bubbly and cheerful, yet uncharacteristically coy when Raevian and I tried to talk to them. However, they warmed up to us eventually and we had a fun time interacting with them.

But we appreciated Rafhan’s wonderful hospitality the most.

Throughout the trip, he took great care of all our needs and answered all our tourist-esque questions patiently.

Maldives Local Island Maldives Local Island 4
Maldives Local Island 6 Maldives Local Island 7

Thank you Baros Maldives

Baros Maldives SunsetFrom the moment we arrived at the island resort, it surpassed our expectations in every aspect.

Thank you Baros Maldives, for giving us the vacation of our lives.

Baros Maldives
Phone Number: +960 664 26 72

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