HeNiu Teppanyaki at Wisma Atria

Teppanyaki is a form of Japanese Cuisine that uses iron griddles to prepare food. In case you do not know, “Teppan” refers to iron plate and “Yaki” refers to grill or pan-fry. Heniu Teppanyaki, located at Food Republic of Wisma Atria on level four, offers diners sizzling teppanyaki at a wallet-friendly price. Evans and I decided to have our dinner at HeNiu after a long day of shopping in town.

The place was still crowded at 8pm when we reached and there were about ten people queuing in front of us. The staff took our order while we were in the queue and it took about ten minutes for us to get seated.

Heniu Teppanyaki at Wisma AtriaHeniu Teppanyaki Menu SingaporeOpen-concept Teppanyaki Kitchen
We were allocated the counter seats which I enjoyed as I got a front row view of the chef preparing our food at the gas-powered teppan, skillfully wielding his iron griddles amidst the sizzling sound of the cooking meat and providing a wonderful sensory experience. It was like watching a live culinary show! Personally, the smoke from the cooking did not bother me but if it affects you, there are regular table seats as well. (This was the Christmas period, which explains their Santa Claus hats. They don’t normally wear this!)

Heniu Teppanyaki Chef at WIsma Atria Food RepublicHeniu Teppanyaki Open Concept Kitchen at Food Republic Wisma Atria

Our Orders
Both of us were very hungry that night, so we ordered a value set, a deluxe set, ala-carte squid and mixed mushrooms to share. Value set ($7.90++) consists of a choice of meat (chicken / pork / beef), vegetables (cabbage / bean sprout), miso soup and rice. Deluxe set ($13.90++) is exactly the same as the value set except that it comes with additional grilled fish and prawns. One thing to note is that the vegetables by default is a mix of cabbage and bean sprout. You can request for the dish to be solely cabbage or bean sprout. I ordered cabbage as the ends of the bean sprouts were not removed.

It’s not a bad thing if the staff is fast and prompt in their service. However, what I really did not like is that they served the rice and soup way too early before the mains were served. By the time we got the rest of the dishes, the soup and rice had turned cold. Ok, I admit that I’m fussy.

Mixed Mushrooms
First up was the mixed mushrooms dish and we liked that the mushrooms are evenly stir fried with the sauce so that the flavor is evenly distributed. For all their dishes, they will put sliced-chili at the side so you can mix in the amount you want in your dish (Warning: it’s pretty spicy. Discretion is advised).

Heniu Teppankayi Mixed Mushrooms at Wisma Atria Food Republic

Teppanyaki Chicken/Pork
Both the chicken and pork are prepared with the same sauce and I couldn’t really differentiate between them. Evans is the one telling me which is which as I’m blogging this now! But hey, what matters most is that they are nice.

Heniu Teppankayi Chicken at Wisma Atria Food RepublicHeniu Teppankayi Pork at Wisma Atria Food Republic

Grilled Dory Fish and Prawns with Garlic
This is part of the deluxe set and I like this because the garlic flavor enhances the sweetness of the prawn and fish. The prawn looked a bit charred but we simply scraped off the black bits and continued eating ^-^

Heniu Teppankayi Grilled Fish and Prawn at Wisma Atria Food Republic

Teppanyaki Squid
This is cooked in the same sauce as the meat. In our opinion, this was a relatively normal dish; yay or nay for this.

Heniu Teppankayi Squid at Wisma Atria Food Republic

Conclusion: Wallet-Friendly Teppanyaki
This was a very filling dinner. The five plates of food below found their way into our two little stomachs within just twenty minutes. Other than the rice and miso soup that turned cold even before the main dishes had been served, and given that we were dining in a food court at an affordable price, we felt that their service and quality of food were generally acceptable. We will definitely be back for this!

Wisma Atria Shopping Mall
435 Orchard Road, 238877
Food Republic #04-02 Stall 24
Tel: +65 6737 9881
HP: +65 9238 3350

313 Orchard Rd, 238895
Food Republic, Level 5
Tel: +65 6509 6643

Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, 449269
Food Republic, Basement Level 1
Tel: +65 6440 4207

Operating Hours
10am to 10pm (Sun – Thurs and Public Holidays)
10am to 11pm (Fri – Sat and Eve of Public Holidays)

Heniu Teppanyaki Value Set at Wisma Atria Food RepublicHeniu Teppanyaki Deluxe  Set at Wisma Atria Food RepublicHeniu Teppanyaki at Wisma Atria Food Republic

Heniu Teppanyaki at Wisma Atria Food Republic

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2 Responses to HeNiu Teppanyaki at Wisma Atria

  1. Olivia says:

    Hi , Thanks for the post, I had eaten there for several times while I was living in Singapore. The food is absolutely delicious. I miss that taste so much since I am living in zurich. If you know the recipe of the sauce that put inside the Tappenyaki Pork or beef. Please let me know.

    • Evans says:

      Hi Olivia, thanks for dropping by! I can understand why you miss the food in Singapore; many of my friends always talk about how much they miss local food when they go overseas. I’m afraid I don’t know the recipe for the teppanyaki sauce at Heniu Teppanyaki, but I’m sure a quick google search will give you some results for the receipe of teppanyaki sauce in general. Thanks again for your comment.


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